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AI-303 has reviewed on the German on-line audio magazine “LikeHiFi.de”


We are pleased to announce that the AI-303, USB DAC Amplifier has reviewed on the Germani on-line audio magazine, the “LikeHiFi.de”.

Link https://www.likehifi.de/test/test-teac-ai-303-stereo-vollverstaerker-mit-dac-im-mini-format/
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(English translation, excerpt)
A small miracle of sound
“…With "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" by The Smiths, we experience the compact TEAC amplifier in its full glory. The tragic-comedic jangle pop song is performed extremely dynamically and emotionally thanks to the AI-303.”

“... In general, the reproduction of the AI-303 can be stated as very clean. With an enormously low harmonic distortion factor, it doesn't disguise anything at all. The spatiality and naturalness that the amplifier is capable of simply sounds good with every signal...”

“... If you don't have much space on your TV shelf or hi-fi rack or are simply looking for a competent integrated amplifier for your desk, you're sure to be very happy with the AI-303 from TEAC.”