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VGP 2022 Summer Awards : TEAC winning products


The Visual Grand Prix (VGP) Awards are held by Ongen Publishing Co., ltd., one of the most prominent publishing companies in Japan with an expertise in audio/visual related devices and state-of-art technologies.
We are proud to announce that this time for the VGP 2022 Summer Awards, the following products have been awarded in their respective categories:

VGP AwardsVGP Awards

Network Audio Player (JPY300k to JPY500k)
USB DAC/Network Player

Pure Audio category

  • AX-505Integrated Amplifier (JPY100k to JPY200k)
  • AI-301DA-ZIntegrated Amplifier (JPY50k to JPY100k)
  • TN-5BBAnalog Record Player (JPY150k to JPY300k)
  • TN-400BT-SEAnalog Record Player (JPY50k to JPY100k)
  • TN-4DAnalog Record Player (JPY50k to JPY100k)
  • TN-280BTAnalog Record Player (JPY50k to JPY100k)

Life Style category

  • AX-505Integrated Amplifier
  • NT-505-XNetwork Audio Player
  • TN-5BBAnalog Record Player
  • TN-400BT-SEAnalog Record Player
  • TN-280BTAnalog Record Player