About NT-505 and NT-505-X firmware


Update: FEB. 23, 2024
The Tidal Connect function on the NT-505 and NT-505-X has been found to be unfeasible due to hardware spec limitations. We are sorry to our customers who have been waiting for the Tidal Connect function for the NT-505, NT-505-X and NR-7CD.
Thank you for your kind understanding.

We regret to inform you that there was an error in the description of the changes described in the recently issued release note on the latest firmware for the NT-505 and NT-505-X.

The description of TIDAL connect was with regard to the UD-701N, not NT-505/NT-505-X. However, we are working on the development of the NT-505/NT-505-X firmware to be compatible with TIDAL connect.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please visit the below link for the detail.
NT-505-X Network Firmware Release Note